Cybersmile Extra Smile Award.

In December 2015, we had the absolute honor of winning  Cybersmile‘s Extra Smile award.

They wrote a really great write up which was featured on Sugarscape.

Throughout 2015 we have been hearing about fandoms bullying each other (and other people) online, the problem was becoming so bad that it was making international news and even had artists asking their own fans to stop.

Well, @OneDirectionNDA was setup to make a stand and pledge ‘One Direction fans stand against bullying’ and have amassed a HUGE following of other 77,000 like minded 1D fans on Twitter. This shows that not all fandoms are bad news and most importantly demonstrates two things which have won them this award, firstly they have ficilitated positive social change online and secondly they have gone that #ExtraSmile in the last year. HOORAYYY.

This has made us even more determined to create a place for everyone to feel safe and be able to support the band they love.

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