Flashback: Liam Payne Helps UNICEF UK


Liam Payne Helps Bring Awareness Of Childhood Disease with UNICEF UK

Liam Payne, (pictured here with Andy Murray, Jack Whitehall, and Claire Balding) helped to bring awareness to the UNICEF UF Children In Danger Summer Disease Appeal by filming a hilarious short film with Jack Whitehall. Jack was “training” Andy Murray and Liam Payne how to play tennis and compete in a tennis competiton.

Funding was raised to go towards helping all the UK children who face the battle of various diseases and the funding needed to help with the costs that accumulate for families with children Battling disease infections.

Well done Liam, on giving your time and talent toward this important cause and for setting a great example of what can be accomplished when you volunteer to help charitable events! 

Unicef UK’s Children in Danger Summer Disease Appeal sketch, The Queen's Club, London, Britain - 15 Jun 15

Andy Murray, Liam Payne, Jack Whitehall and Clare Balding came together to film a short sketch for Unicef UK’s Children in Danger Summer Disease Appeal, which is raising awareness and vital funds for children in danger of disease.

Watch The short film here!



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