🌟Flashback: Believe in Magic Cinderella Ball 🌟

On August 10th 2015 the London Natural History Museum played  host to a very special and magical evening – a Cinderella Ball, hosted by Believe in Magic, a charitable organisation which spreads magic to terminally ill children and their family. Believe in Magic was founded by now 21 years old Megan Bhari  when she was only 16 years old and was going herself through surgeries and treatments for a brain tumor. The idea behind this charity is simple: bring “magic” into the lives of children who, because of their illness, spend a lot of time being poorly often in hospital’s beds. Believe in Magic is a charity close to the heart of One Direction. Harry’s mom Anne Twits and Louis’ mom Jay Deakin have been supporting Believe in Magic since day one. Read more about Anne’s involvement here.

The Cinderela Ball was hosted  and organised by Louis Tomlinson and his mum Jay Deakin. In attendence was also Liam Payne, who walked the red carpet with Louis. The children who attended the Cindrella Ball were dressed in theme, with girls even carrying a magic wand.

The 300 lucky VIP guests were treated to a performance from Dynamo before moving to the Hintze Hall for a dinner catered for by Create Food and Party Design. There was also a performance by XFactor winner Ben Haenow and an auction hosted by comedian and warm up extraordinaire Ian Royce. Among the items that were auctioned off were a guitar signed by Niall Horan, Harry Style’s favorite shirt and a pair of Louis’ old suspenders. Each item raised thousands of pounds. Louis even auctioned off 10,000 pounds to see Liam’s having his face painted.  It is rumored that Louis alone donated over 2 million pounds to Believe in Magic at this event only. The event raised millions of pounds overall. In attendence were also Harvey Hext and Chloe Balloqui, both battling neuroblastoma at the time, an aggressive form of childhood cancer. Read about Harvey’s and Chloe’s stories here and here, and the special bond they formed with Louis and Jay.

Photos on the night were taken by the Holly Clark.

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More exclusive pictures of the Cinderella Ball, picturing Liam, Louis, Harvey and Harvey’s older sister Olivia:



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