SoccerAid2016 Raises £5.3mil+ for UnicefUK As England Team Brings Home The Win 3-2!



England Team celebrates among deafening cheers and screams with an amazing victory at the Old Trafford Stadium for the SoccerAid2016 benefiting UNICEF UK .

The June 5th victory for England ended with a score of 3-2 against the Rest Of The World and many would agree that the REAL score, over £5.3 million, was a victory for both teams and certainly a victory for underprivileged children all around the world through UNICEF UK!


UNICEF UK, also known as the United Kingdom for UNICEF, raises funds for the worldwide relief efforts in emergency and development needed in impoverished areas of the world. Their work involves immediate aid to underpriveleged children as well as  being advocates for lasting change. This means that UNICEF supports and advocates for change in government policies and practices which are detrimental to children’s rights in the UK and internationally.


There were many soccer heroes, past and present, as well as celebrities devoting their time and talent to participate in the massive 10th anniversary event. The massive event and its coordinated efforts was overseen by Robbie Williams (Take That) as it has from its beginning 10 years ago, and the experience couldn’t have been more memorable! One of the greatest soccer players to ever grace the pitch, Pele, was there to offer his support and meet the players. (pic credit: David Fisher) Pele had this to say at the event:

“I have to thank you. Thank you! This is my life and my family. My father was a soccer player and I always wanted to be like my father, but I had luck. Today is special for me because we work hard at UNICEF and I thank everyone for being a part of all this.”



Here, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan greet Pele before the game.



England Team in their kits ready to play for SoccerAid 2016. (Louis Tomlinson seated next to Robbie Williams) and below in their suits.



The Rest Of The World Team is pictured below. In their kits for the game and Niall suited up.(Niall Horan was co-manager).


Both Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan have given a great deal of their time and talent through the years to many charities and especially during One Direction’s hiatus these past months. Their participation with Socceraid 2016 was a tremendous help bringing attention to the event, with plenty of light-hearted banter and rivalry on opposing teams raising awareness for the UNICEF uk cause.

More about UNICEF uk work and the difference your donations make in a world of underprivileged children can be found here:,


…….a few more photos from the amazing match. (All photos credit to owner.)


Although the SoccerAid2016 is over, donations are very much welcome with 100% of donations going toward relief through UNICEF_UK as they continue to provide much needed water, supplies, food, and supporting their humanity efforts world wide.




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