Anne Twist Helps Erin Cross reach her goal.


This is Erin Cross and she is quite a fighter. Her story, sadly is like so many other very seriously ill children facing harsh treatments to help battle life threatening diseases and hopefully grow up living a disease-free life. However, many times the battles are so long and grueling, trying to find the right next steps in treatment and somehow manage the funds to give these opportunities to a child like Erin, can be very overwhelming for the families trying to make all this happen and give their loved one a chance to fight and survive.

This is Erin’s story, but luckily, for the care and concern of people like Harry Styles’ mum, Anne Twist, there is the real possibility for Erin to get every fighting chance through donations to cover expensive, difficult treatments to help her win her battle!

Erin was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia at the age of two in December 2012 after being unwell for many weeks. She had over two and a half years of treatment which finished in April of last year. During this time, aside from caring for their daughter, Erin’s parents Sarah and Ant were active fundraisers for a fellow oncology childs appeal for treatment abroad and for Alder Hey Childrens Charity.

Everything was going well, Erin was a happy healthy girl and had started doing really well at school. She was having monthly check ups at Alder Hey but in March 2016 Sarah and Ant were given the devastating news that she had relapsed after 11 months off treatment.

Erin has endured two months of gruelling chemotherapy and needs a life saving bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately tests have revealed that Erin isn’t in remission, which she would need to be in order to have her life saving transplant. There’s a strong chance that Erin will need Car T Cell therapy to prepare her for a bone marrow transplant, but there’s no guarantee that she will receive this treatment in the UK. Only one child per month nationally is treated with Car T Cell therapy, so Erin’s family feel that funds now need to be raised so Erin has the chance of receiving this therapy abroad.

The plea was sent out in social media to Harrys mum Anne stating the urgency to raise the funds quickly to get the help needed to save Erin’s life. So, Anne lent her voice and sent this message out to  her vast audience she has through her Twitter account, helping Erin’s financial goal to be met swiftly and in time to give Erin a fighting chance!


Erin’s mum also thanked all the One Direction fans for giving a fast response to Anne’s tweet!


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