Flashback: Louis Tomlinson and Mum Johannah Deakin Give a Princess-Themed Party At Christmas For Believe In Magic Charity

In December 2015 Louis Tomlinson and his mum, Johannah Deakin, donate £10,000 to throw a huge Princess/SuperHero-themed Christmas Party benefiting all the seriously ill children at Believe In Magic Charity, facing tough battles in the upcoming year, battling their disease. Sadly, this may be the last Christmas some of these children will have, so it is especially touching that Louis and his mum, Johannah decided that this was an important memory to offer these precious children!

Their donation made for a truly magical day with over 100 kids participating,  the event included a Princess Wish Day with Cinderella at the Disney Store for five poorly little girls who wished to be princesses and a massive magical party at London Zoo with real reindeer, snow, elves and Father Christmas. Not only that, but Louis and Johannah went even further by giving some very special Christmas presents to over a hundred children in total!

Louis had this to say about the honor of being in a position to help so many have a special day at Christmas! He said:

“It’s amazing to be able to help so many lovely families have fun with each other at Christmas. Sadly this is often in the most stressful of situations. Believe In Magic constantly amazes me & my mum! We wish everybody within the charity and the families that use its services a wonderful Christmas and a healthy new year.”

Speaking about Meg, Jean, and all the team behind BIM, Louis’s mum Johannah (Jay) added: “Thank you for all of the amazing hard work you did in arranging the Christmas party. You did this so efficiently in such a short space of time. This demonstrates your passion tothe cause. As Louis has said you constantly amaze us with your tireless commitment.”

It is very inspiring the immense amount of charitable work Louis Tomlinson and his family are able to do for seriously ill children and their families. If you would like to also be part of the ✨magic ✨of Believe In Magic, you can donate your time and much needed funds here: https://believeinmagic.co.uk

Any help is most appreciated!


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