Harry Styles Donates Designer Clothes To Benefit Charities


Harry Styles has, for several years now, been a dynamic fashion icon setting the hottest fashion trends with his own distinct style. He includes items in his wardrobe from a variety of designing artists; from the very famous designers to the new-on-the-scene, new-to-the-fashion-world ones. One thing is for sure: They ALL want Harry’s attention and influence that he has on trends in the fashion world, so they eagerly send him tons of newly designed items in the hopes that he will choose to wear them!

While this is quite the compliment, Harry can not possibly wear all that he is given so, after sharing a few with friends and family, he chooses to give several valuable pieces of clothing items as a donation to a variety of charities. Those items which Harry has worn a time or two to a well publicized event, he chooses to donate for auctions, giving 100% of the proceeds to a favorite charity.

For example, the Burberry leapord print shirt (pictured above) was worn once by Harry to the the Burberry Show during Fashion Week. He donated the item to http://www.hardlyeverwornit.com for auction to benefit UNICEF_UK and it fetched 0ver £4800! In another instance, Harry donated the Converse sneakers he  wore in Africa when they had finished visit raising money for their UNICEF Comic Relief mission, were auctioned off for more than £600!

Some of the charities benefiting from Harry generosity have been the Believe In Magic UK, the Comic Relief/Red Nose Day for UNICEF_UK, the ITV Text Santa organization, and just recently he donated a pair of his personal jeans, complete with an autographed message to benefit Johny Dar’s #jeansfor refugees project; giving refugees hope of relocating to a new home where they can grow and thrive. It is estimated that Harry has given in excess of over £2.5 mil in donations through his generosity with his clothing items!

All of One Direction have, from time to time, generously donated clothing items (some with all of their signatures added!) to be auctioned or sold on eBay for charity. Yet Harry’s items always seem to be the items most sought after and bring the greatest price. Harry has said many times that he knows how fortunate his position is and he wanted to give back in any way he can. This is just another amazing example of how generous and thoughtful Harry Styles is with his conscious effort to pass along what’s been shared with him, to benefit others.


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