Flashback: One Direction Gives Opportunity to Help the Believe In Magic Charity and Win a Chance To Meet Them Through Prizeo Donation


The members of  One Direction are known for giving tirelessly, both collectively and on an individual basis to a variety of charities close to their hearts; many of these benefiting children who are battling serious life-threatening diseases.

One particular organization, Believe In Magic, has always been very special to One Direction and they have had a close working relationship for years.(@believinmagicx ) (believeinmagic.co.uk ) Believe In Magic, or BIM, has helped seriously ill children tremendously by offering support for sick children and their families through support groups, donations, gifts, and plan events that celebrate moments of life which, given the circumstances of their medical needs often could not dream to afford. In December 2015 One Direction donated a trip for a lucky winner and a family member chaperone or friend to come and meet them backstage and have a picture together, and tickets to see one of their final shows before they go on hiatus.

Louis Tomlinson explained in the video below this amazing prize they offered through prizeo! It was an exciting opportunity for donors to Believe In Magic, to have a chance to win a trip to see 1D, calling it the #1DBestChristmasEver prize!

He also posted a letter (shared below from the BIM  prizeo website) explaining One Direction’s prize and involvement with Believe In Magic: imageimage


imageBelieve in Magic accompanied Louis’s letter with one of their own, thanking him and all of One Direction for their tireless support through the years. It is through such generous and steadfast donations of One Direction’s time and talent as well as much needed funds, which has allowed Believe In Magic to reach so many seriously ill children and their families with their charity: The following is what they shared on their prizeo BIM charity web post (Dec. 2015):image

Not only did One Direction help Believe In Magic achieve their donation goal of $250,000 for the event, but exceed it by another $23,000 for a GRAND TOTAL of $273,028.00!

Laura-Leigh from Pinckney, Michigan was the lucky Grand Prize winner (her picture above, meeting One Direction)! You can see by her smile and her comments what a memorable night it was for her!

It truly was the #1DBestChristmasEver for both Laura-Leigh and for all the special children Believe In Magic helps bringing happiness and joy into their lives especially for this Christmas occasion!

You can find out much more about Believe In Magic’s work on their website.

Donations are always most welcome as this will help BIM continue to help ease the stress and give families one less thing to worry about while providing for their loved one battling serious diseases.

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