Flashback: Harry Styles Supports Lalela Project In South Africa

imageIn early April of 2015, Harry Styles spent some time off visiting the Lalela Project in Cape Town during a brief break before One Direction’s On The Road Again Tour was to perform in the area. The Lalela Project helps impoverished children and young adults, many who have been victims of extreme poverty, armed conflict or displacement, and deadly diseases like malaria and tuberculosis.(pic credit to Lalela Project)

Lalela Project uses art to improve the mental, emotional and spiritual health of children and to create opportunities to enrich their lives through art education, giving them opportunities to a fulfilling and productive future. Here are some of their recent projects shared from their Instagram (photo credits to Lalelah Project Instagram):

Harry spoke with the teachers and students at length about their individual projects, how Lalela Project has helped them, and what they aspire for their future. He built quite a rapport with them and even offered all the students free tickets to One Direction’s upcoming show there! Not only was Harry’s visit important to the staff and students of Lalela Project (and to him),but it also helped to bring this project attention for their amazing work; helping to generate donations that will assure this life-changing opportunity continues for the children of South Africa.


You can learn more about the Lalela Project here : https://www.lalela.org




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