Flashback: Liam Payne Helps Trekstock With a 1D Meet & Greet


April 16, 2015. Liam Payne announced that he was very excited to, once again, be  working with the cancer charity Trekstock, ( www.trekstock.com ), and that he had lined up an amazing prize for the new fundraising campaign.




You can see his video clip here:

Liam also posted the message below, to the Trekstock Charity website, explaining all about the prize and how donating to Trekstock would put donors in the running to be chosen as the prize winner!

(The credit for Liam’s message below was shared from the Trekstock website)

On the Prizeo webpage it describes what the lucky winner will experience! The winner will be flown into London, given hotel accommodations, VIP passes to see One Direction On The Road show and will be meeting Liam and band mates Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson for a meet &greet with a picture!


imageOn the page above,  Trekstock revealed that in the last five years, around 50,000 young adults in Britain have been diagnosed with cancer.These numbers are very high and the need for early diagnosis, kinder and more effective treatments and other resources are in dire need!

The charity welcomed Liam to their team and thanked him for his help in the past. Trekstock said,  “With your help, we can transform the way that support following treatment is designed and delivered.” Liam (along with Harry, in years past) has worked closely with the cancer charity and his willingness to give his time and talent toward the goal of the organization has been so helpful to Trekstock’s goals. Below, is Liam working closely with the Trekstock team.


By the end of the Prizeo donations to win a Meet&Greet had ended, the campaign not only met their goal of $100,000.00 but DOUBLED IT for an astounding grand total of $211,181.00! What an unbelievably successful event! Combine this Amazing sum with Liam’s very successful Great Gatsby Gala Event for Trekstock that raised more than $800,000.00 and you can see what a tremendous help Liam and the gentlemen of One Direction have achieved for this vital cancer charity!

(*see our Flashback post made on 22.05.16, for more information about the Great Gatsby event Liam hosted for Trekstock)




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