Flashback: Louis Tomlinson Becomes Patron of Stacey’s Smiles

In September 2015 Stacey’s Smiles  announced the exciting news that Louis Tomlinson would be supporting their charity as a patron  supporting seriously sick children and their families fighting  neuroblastoma,  an aggressive form of  cancer that is affects young children. Stacey’s Smiles  (formerly known as The Stacey Mowle APPEAL) derived from charity’s namesake, Stacey Mowle, after succumbing in her valiant fight against neuroblastoma on March 6, 2015.

After Stacey’s passing, her charity staceymAPPEALS, which primarily was organized to help Stacey get the treatments  she needed to battle the disease, was changed to Stacey’s Smiles to give other families opportunities to create lasting memories together with their sick child and to bring awareness to neuroblastoma and the need for vital research in treating the disease.

Here is a bit about Stacey’s story .


Louis has been a patron of several charities for years now, many of which deal with battling serious life-threatening illnesses, such as neuroblastoma.


Stacey met Louis and the rest of One Direction when they were in a private rehearsal for a performance on X-Factor in  2013.


For Stacey’s 8th birthday Louis’s band mate Harry also sent her a video message wishing her a very happy birthday.


Louis was asked to be a patron of Stacey’s Smiles in 2015. Louis and his Mum also sent flowers to her parents Samantha and Warren, which were accompanied with the simple but loving message:

“Sending so much love to you all – Louis (One Direction) and my mum Johannah Xx.”

To find out more about the charity follow them on Twitter.


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