Flashback: Louis Tomlinson Reaches Out To Injured Fan

Louis Tomlinson of One Direction sent his heartfelt message of concern for fan, Leah Washington, after discovering that she was one of their devout fans who suffered injuries in a horrific roller coaster crash at Alton Towers.


Leah, 17 from Barnesley, South Yorkshire, was one of several severely injured people who rode the ill-fated roller coaster ride that June 2 day. She, along with many others not only crashed on the ride but were stranded while injured for more than 4 hours while being rescued from the wreckage. Unfortunately, Leah lost one of her legs in the accident and had to have it amputated.


Although Leah and her friend Sara Stuart had tickets to see One Direction in Cardiff at the Millennium Stadium the following Saturday from the accident, Leah’s serious injuries left her missing the chance to see her most favorite band play.


Through a Twitter campaign – #Get1DToLeah – which was launched by her friend, Sara, with the hopes that if she could get word to One Direction through social media help, she might be able to encourage her injured friend to rally and get well. Sara was asking for the pop band to possibly contact Leah and send her a word of encouragement.
Louis Tomlinson did much more than that. After receiving the message through the thousands of fans who sent it to his attention he gifted Leah with tickets to see One Direction while they are on tour and an offer to come backstage and meet them for a picture, whenever she was well enough to attend! Louis even went a step further and sent Ms. Washington a special video wish and a tweet to help encourage her to get well!


Leah expressed later how much this encouragement meant to her and how it pushed her to strive harder in her rehabilitation with her amputation! This is just another wonderful way in which Louis has reached out to his fans and where possible, make their burdens a bit lighter.


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