Harry Styles Gives His Support To The LGBT Community


imageHarry has always been known as someone who welcomes individuality and the importance of being inclusive and supportive of other people’s rights to be who they are, whether it’s religion, sexuality, or nationality. At a One Direction OTRATour concert in Canada, he said “Jump around….and wave any flags you have in here…I want you to do whatever makes you happiest in the world”.

Exactly one year ago today, as The United States of America made the historical statement through their Supreme Court finally giving and protecting the rights of all individuals to legally marry, Harry Styles posted this tweet:

Harry has been supporting the gay and lesbian switchboard for many years. Here below, in 2014, he wished the London Gay and Lesbian Switchboard a heartfelt Happy 40th Birthday!


Harry has taken the opportunity at One Direction concerts over the years to show support to the gay and lesbian community whenever the opportunity presented itself. The 1D show on July 19, 2013 in Kansas City, MO, is one such instance, when the Westboro Baptist Church demonstrated outside one of their performances and Harry stated to their fans at the show that night, that he was ready “to have a nice, equal time”. Later, Harry tweeted a response to the protesters signs outside the arena:


And again, when One Direction were playing a show in St. Louis, Harry took the opportunity to show support by wearing Michael Sam’s NFL St. Louis Rams jersey. Mr. Sam is the first openly gay NFL player, and at that time the NFL was in the middle of their very serious first round cuts for the season; yet earlier in the week, an ESPN announcer had made a very stereotypically homophobic remark about Mr. Sam, (which later they had to publicly issue an apology to Mr. Sam for making), and Harry wanted to rally support for Mr. Sam in his hometown. Mr. Sam, being an amazingly talented  football player easily made the first NFL cut.

(Picture credit to http://www.DoSomething.org)


Grateful for the support, Michael Sam later thanked Mr. Styles on his Twitter:


One of the most significant ways that Harry has shown his support for the LGBT community and fans was when he waved and wore the Rainbow flag at concerts.The rainbow flag, which has long been a symbol of pride and support among the LGBT community, has made the number of LGBT fans evident as many have brought their rainbow flags to concerts.


Through this simple act, the LGBT One Direction fans have felt supported and included by Harry. Given that LGBT youth are more likely to suffer bullying and harassment, this type of support and inclusion can be extremely empowering. Here are a few remarks by LGBT fans on twitter underscoring this exact fact:

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To learn more about the LGBT community or to get support visit:

http://switchboard.lgbt  or https://www.glaad.org

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