Chloe Balloqui’s journey: the vaccine

Chloe Balloqui is a 5 year old girl who has battled neuroblastoma for nearly three years of her life. In April 2015, Chloe was featured in the documentary “Raining In My Heart” about immunotherapy clinical trials to treat aggressive and recurrent childhood cancers. The documentary caught the attention of Louis and his mom, and Chloe was invited to the Cinderella Ball (Believe in Magic Cinderella Ball), a special event for critically ill children organized by Louis’ mom Jay and Believe in Magic (Believe in Magic). There, she was befriended by Louis Tomlinson and his mum, Jay and they have taken an active interest in Chloe’s progress.


Recently, we reported that Chloe is in remission after a second bout of the disease (Chloe Balloqui’s journey). It was a celebratory, hopeful moment as her scans were finally found all clear on April 26th of this year. She was eligible at this point for a vaccine trial in the USA to prevent the recurrence of the disease. At the end of May, she left with her parents and her brother James for New York City, where the vaccine trial would take place at Memorial Sloan Kettering. On June 3rd she received the amazing news that her bone marrow aspirate was clear and that she could start the vaccine.

The vaccine is a made of two antigens (Bivalent Vaccine) called GD2 and GD3, which are found on neuroblastoma cells. The way the vaccine works is that it stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies against these antigens, so that if new neuroblastoma cells appear, they are successfully attacked and killed by the immune system. Over the following few weeks Chloe received 3 injections of the vaccine in her leg. We are happy to report that, beside some bruising on her leg, all went well and that Chloe is done with the vaccine and she is now back home in the UK. Her family posted many pictures of Chloe in NYC while they were there. They reported that both Chloe and her brother James loved NYC and that they liked to explore the city while there. We are thrilled that the vaccine trial is done and to see a happy and healthy Chloe enjoying herself.

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