Flashback: Louis Tomlinson captains the Doncaster Rovers Legends charity match

On April 19th 2015, Louis Tomlinson took part in the Doncaster Rovers Legends game, a charity match which was organized as part of the James Coppinger’s Testimonial year. James Coppinger is an English professional footballer who currently plays as an attacking midfielder for Doncaster Rovers in league one. James Coppinger brought together present and past Rovers’ Legends and invited Louis as special guest. The game took place at 4 PM in the Doncaster Rovers’ Keepmoat Stadium.

Louis captained a team that played against James Coppinger’s team. Liam Payne was also present to show his support for his band mate, and he took part in a playful pre-match penalty shoot-out. Louis’ team was the first one to score a goal. Unfortunately though, they lost 4-7 to James’ team.


Despite the loss on the football field, Louis’ charitable heart and dedication/love for his fans were once again highlighted. Louis played for Bluebell Wood (Bluebell Wood), a children hospice based in Sheffield (UK), which he has long been known to support. To show his support, Louis wore the Bluebell Wood t-shirt right before the game. Louis also met and greeted numerous fans taking pictures with them outside the stadium. The match was also an opportunity to honor James Coppinger for his long service to the Rovers’ club.

Louis, who is originally from Doncaster, has always showed his love and support for the Doncaster Rovers and at one point was interested in purchasing the club. While the deal fell through, he has vowed to  maintain close ties with his home town club. He tweeted:

‘My passion for Doncaster Rovers remains as strong as ever, and I hope that I can still be involved with the club moving forward!’



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