Flashback: Louis Tomlinson Offers Meet &Greet in Dublin


imageOn September 11th 2015, Louis Tomlinson announced the opportunity to win the amazing prize for two friends plus guardian to be flown from anywhere in the world to Dublin on the 17th October for the One Direction show. The prize included accommodations as well as meeting One Direction backstage. By making a donation through Prizeo to one of Louis’s charities, the Eden Dora Trust, the donor would be automatically entered for this grand prize. The top three sharers that recruit other donations through their link, will win a Louis Tomlinson-signed Eden Dora Trust teddy bear (pictured left from Eden Dora Trust).

image Louis shares more about the prize and how much Eden Dora Trust means to him and how the donations can do so much to help those that are dealing with encephalitis.


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The fundraiser was a HUGE success and the donations raised the unbelievable amount of more than £150,000. The winner, Vanessa Y., is pictured below during her Meet&Greet with One Direction in Dublin.

For more information about Eden Dora Trust check Eden Dora Trust

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