Harry Face Times a Fan Through Make a Wish

On July 2nd 2016, Harry took time off his busy schedule while filming the movie Dunkirk, to face time a girl (Morgan Hayes, @Mofosluv) through the Make A Wish foundation.




Make A Wish (Make A Wish) was founded in 1980 to grant Chris Greicius, a boy with leukemia, the wish to become a police officer. His mom, some friends and a group of police officers, in collaboration with the Arizona Department of Public Safety, granted Chris the wish to become a police officer by gifting him a custom-made uniform, helmet and badge, and by taking him on a helicopter ride. Initially USA-based, Make a Wish is now an international organization that works with children with life-threatening illnesses to grant them a special wish, which helps enrich their lives with hope, strength and joy.


One direction has worked multiple times with the Make A Wish foundation over the years to grant seriously ill fans the wish to either meet them in person or talk to them on Face Time. For example, on April 11th of this year, Harry Face Timed Andrea, a 1D fan, for 35 minutes while in Los Angeles during a break from filming Dunkirk. These gestures from the One Direction guys demonstrate their commitment to give back to their fans and the community at large, through charitable organizations.


Correction: Morgan Hayes (@Mofosluv) has now come forward to reveal that her Face Time with Harry was NOT arranged through the Make A Wish foundation. Here is what she said on her Tumblr:

makd a wish correction



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