Chloe Balloqui’s Journey: her Hickman line is removed

Chloe is 5 years old and has battled neuroblastoma twice during her short life. Thanks to an experimental immunotherapy offered as clinical trial she has been in remission since May of this year. Louis and his mom Jay came to know about Chloe when a documentary about immunotherapy clinical trials titled “Raining in my heart” was aired in the UK. Chloe was invited by Jay to the Cinderella ball organized by Believe in Magic in August of last year (Cinderella ball).  Here she befriended Louis who has kept in touch with her and her family (Chloe Balloqui’s journey). In June of this year, she and her family traveled to New York for a vaccine that would keep her from relapsing (Chloe Balloqui’s journey: the vaccine). The vaccine was a success and Chloe has now been back to the UK for several days.

There is now more good news about Chloe. Her Hickman line was removed toady! The Hicman line is a central line usually inserted in a venous blood vessel in the chest or neck that is used in cancer patients to administer chemotherapy and fluids, and to get blood samples for analysis. Chloe had her Hickman line in for half of her life. The Hickman line is not painful but limits freedom especially for a small child who cannot take baths or go to the pool. Moreover, the line needs to be cleaned and disinfected at least once a week. The Hickman line is usually removed last, when the patient is well into remission. So, this is great news and it shows that Chloe is on her way to a healthy future.

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