Flashback: One Direction Stands Against Bullying with Office Depot


May 30, 2013: One Direction has a massive social platform with over 25 million fans giving them the potential to create substantial social change; especially in the critical area of dealing with bullying which is so prevalent among the age group of their fans. So, when One Direction helped Office Depot with their anti-bullying campaign, #Together or 1D+OD, it became an instant hit with their media savvy followers.

Emery Skolfield, Office Depot’s senior director of digital marketing and brand strategy conveyed their concept for #Together explaining, “What we created was a collection of limited-edition products with imagery on products that you haven’t seen on the market, and their fans have rallied massive awareness by tagging anti-bullying photos on Twitter and Instagram with ‘#Together.’ The digital campaign is built around the hashtag #Together, as in, together against bullying,” Skolfield emphasized. “It has been used more than 30,000 times [as of July 31].”


In addition to donating $1,000,000 of funds raised from their One Direction school supplies to support anti-bullying campaigns in schools, Office Depot selected a few fans who used their #Together website to demonstrate their anti-bullying experiences. They gave free tickets to a One Direction’s summer tours show, tickets to the 1D movie premiere of This Is Us and gifts from their Office Depot anti-bully supplies.

Here are the results, (credit/shared from the Office Depot #Together website), in which One Direction’s involvement with Office Depot’s Anti-Bullying Campaign reached millions of young people.

On Twitter: An Office Depot-promoted tweet has seen more site referrals during the One Direction #Together campaign than the amount of referrals Office Depot saw in the entirety of 2012.

On Facebook: Office Depot’s Facebook fan base has grown more 67,000 — a 19% increase — bringing total followers to some 432,000, by One Direction’s influence.

On the #Together Website: It has been visited more than 600,000 times.

On Mobile: Office Depot launched a “Bring It To Life” experience on its app, which houses exclusive 1D content. “Bring It To Life” has doubled the daily usage of the app.

On OfficeDepot.com website: Traffic driven from Twitter to Office Depot in July 2013 alone nearly equaled traffic from all of 2012. Traffic driven by all social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest) in July was 346% more this July compared to July 2012.

On YouTube: PSA-style videos, including interview videos (seen above) with each 1D member discussing bullying, have been watched more than 3 million times.

Through the #Together campaign One Direction once again brought attention to the problem of bullying on and off line, and the importance of standing together against it and finding ways to counteract it.


(Images: Scott Barbour/Getty Images and Office Depot)


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