Louis asks for help for his friend Georgia Edwards (Georgie Pie)

On June 22nd  2016 Louis tweeted that his friend Georgie needs special equipment and that her family needs help in purchasing it. Georgie is 5 years old and met Louis and the rest of One Direction last year at an OTRA show and Louis seems to have grown fond of her.

Here is the link to the fundraiser to help Georgie. Donate here!  Georgia Edwards Fundraiser

Georgie Pies

Georgie was diagnosed with Rett syndrome in September 2013 and with epilepsy in August 2015. Rett syndrome is a neurological disorder characterized by general loss of nervous system function, including motor skills, sensory function and cognition. It is often associated with epilepsy, like in the case of Georgie. It is caused by mutations in the MECP2 gene, a gene that is responsible for controlling which genes are turned on or off in the nervous system during development. The MECP2 gene is on the X chromosome so it causes lethality in males when mutated, because they have only one copy of this gene. In females there are two copies of MECP2, so if one of the two copies is normal females survive. However, they develop Rett syndrome. Girls with Rett syndrome initially develop normally during the first year of their life, they then display stalling in development and eventually regression and loss of important nervous system functions. The progression through the disease can be rapid, as it seems to be the case for Georgie.


There are good news for girls with Rett syndrome though. With the correct support and care, they can grow up to become adults. One of the things they desperately need is supportive equipment that can compensate for their lack of mobility (wheelchair) and that can support them through their daily activities (special beds and seats that can relieve some of the pain and lack of motor skills). This equipment is expensive and Georgie’s family is asking for help in purchasing it. Indeed, they had to move to Liverpool to be closer to Alder Hey Childrens Hospital where Georgie is being cared for and they had to return the one that they had borrowed.


Once again Louis is showing how sensitive he is to the needs of sick children and how much he cares about helping them anyway he can.



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