✨⭐️The Believe In Magic Charity✨⭐️

Believe in Magic is a charity for severe and terminally ill children created by a 16 year old, courageous young lady named Meg in 2011. At the time of its inception, Meg had just battled a severe illness of her own requiring many difficult medical procedures and operations, giving Meg first hand experience of how difficult it is dealing with a traumatic, life-threatening illness. Throughout her ordeal, Meg chose to do something very positive with her experience by creating Believe In Magic or (BIM).

BIM children’s charity is founded in the belief that severe illnesses shouldn’t get to rob children of some of the most magical time of their lives, so it is designed to bring some of that magic, hope, and happiness back. Believe In Magic does this by giving once-in-a-lifetime parties, hosting special events, inviting special celebrities to visit children in hospitals and under hospice care, giving special wish gifts to a child, and capturing these beautiful memories with special photography for families to remember always.

Here is a look at some Magical Moments created in the lives of many children through Believe In Magic shared from their Believinmagicx Facebook page:

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BIM is supported through specially-sponsored events and donations through JustGiving and Prizeo sites with activities ranging from sponsored exotic treks, to places like The Great Wall of China or to Mount Kilimanjaro,(see our post on 28.04.16 about Harry Styles’s mum, Anne Twist’s sponsored trip for BIM), sponsored cycling races, Prizeo prize giving-away for tickets to Meet&Greet/concerts, (One Direction has donated these to BIM for years), special bake sales and events, or individual gift donations.

More about Believe In Magic and where you too can help get involved and bring magic to the lives of children can be found here:

Believe in Magic    Twitter: @believeinmagicx    FB: Believe in Magic FB


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