Flashback: Harry Styles Donates Bears For Bald Is Beautiful Campaign

October 6, 2015: image
Harry Styles takes any opportunity he can to give back to others, often in very clever and unusual ways. Harry’s charitable contributions have included  signed pieces of designer clothing he has worn to special events, personal pairs of jeans made into artwork for auction, and even, most recently, the donation of his own hair.

So, it came as little surprise when Mr. Styles contacted local charity fundraiser, Charlie Kean, offering two life-sized teddy bears for auction to benefit the newly formed Bald Is Beautiful charity that had just been launched by Mr. Kean (in conjunction with The Evening Telegraph), to help bring awareness about childhood cancer and to support local Megan Fletcher. Ms. Fletcher had just been diagnosed with a serious form of cancer, Hodgkin lymphoma.


As the face for the new Bald Is Beutiful campaign, Megan knew that with her intense chemotherapy treatments there was a strong likelihood that she would lose her hair. Wanting to turn the difficult experience of going bald in addition to painful procedures into something positive, Ms. Fletcher had her hair shaved early and gave her beautiful hair to Little Princess Trust (the same organization that Harry would eventually donate his own long hair to). This selfless act was met by others willing to do the same,  some of those included her schoolmates in a show of support.

Shared below, (credit to Lindsey Hamilton’s article on 24.09.15 in thetele.co.uk ), are pictures of courageous Megan and her family as she donates her hair for Little Princess Trust:


So, in true form of his generous spirit, Mr. Styles took the perfect opportunity when moving from his house in London, to help a local cancer charity campaign; by donating items he wouldn’t be moving to his new home. His offer was quite a generous one, given that these were Steiff Bears, made by the world famous teddy bear design company,Steiff, each costing around £13,000. Through his donation Harry helped raise an additional £20,000 for Bald Is Beautiful to help the local youth, like Megan Fletcher.




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