Flashback: One Direction Travels to Ghana for Comic Relief

In January of 2013, One Direction travelled to Accra, Ghana in support of the charity Comic Relief to bring awareness to the needs of the people of Ghana and in particular of children. Comic Relief is a UK based charity founded in 1985 by the comedy scriptwriter Richard Curtis and the comedian Lenny Henry in response to famine in Ethiopia. The charity works to raise awareness of the problem of poverty both in the UK and in Africa, and to raise funds to help people of these countries. The major event organized by Comic Relief is Red Nose Day, a biennial telethon type television event held in March.


During their 2 days stay in Accra, Ghana, One Direction filmed a series of short videos called “Africa diaries” with the intent of raising awareness about poverty in this country and lack of basic health care such as vaccinations for small children. In these videos, the One Direction guys are seen interacting with, playing with children and speaking about them, their unmet needs and their suffering. In particular, One Direction pleaded for donations of 5 pounds, needed to pay for the vaccination of one child.



Louis and Niall filmed a clip on top of an Accra pile of rubbish in the slum of Agbogbloshie, where children search for copper wires that they melt to sell the copper for 50 cents up to 3 pounds a day, often wearing flip-flops only. They talked to two boys and asked about their dreams. These boys, 12 and 15 years old, said their dream was to be in school and become a doctor and a teacher. Throughout the video the craving for education by these children of Ghana is talked about multiple times. One child even asked Louis to bring books back next time he returns.

The videos focused also on childhood health care and the lack of basic vaccinations that cause the otherwise preventable death each day of many infants. Liam and Harry filmed a clip in an emergency room full of gravely ill children including a little boy suffering of malaria.


While in Accra, One Direction filmed part of the video of their rendition of “One Way Or Another” whose proceeds were completely donated to Comic Relief. Once back in the UK One Direction also sold the clothes they wore in Ghana on eBay as part of their #1D4RND (1D for Red Nose Day) campaign. They pleaded on twitter for donations to Comic Relief to help the people of Ghana.


Here are some more pictures of One Direction in Accra, Ghana.






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