The Harvey Hext Trust: A Siblings’ Wish

The Harvey Hext Trust-A Siblings’ Wish is a charity set up by the family of Harvey Hext, a young child who passed away on November 29th, 2015 after battling neuroblastoma and an aggressive form of sarcoma. Harvey met Louis at the Cinderella Ball organized by Mrs Deakin and Believe in Magic in August of 2015. He had met Louis’ mom Jay at a previous event organized by Believe in Magic. They remained in touch afterwards and Louis was among the first people to tweet about Harvey passing.

Harvey was a twin and also had an older sister. Naturally Harvey was very close to both his siblings Spencer and Olivia. During the final stages of Harvey’s illness and after his passing his family quickly realized that there was very little formal support for their two surviving children. Indeed, the lack of support for bereaved children is often recognized by hospital personnel, as well as by end of life teams. Usually the family of a seriously ill child spends a huge amount of energy and time to care for the poorly child and has little energy left for the other children. When the child passes away, young siblings are left with a void and with emotions that they may find difficult to deal with. Based on her family experience, Harvey’s mom Sarah came up with the idea of creating memory boxes for bereaved children.


The idea behind these boxes is simple: provide siblings of gravely ill children or of children that have passed away with a personalized box where they can keep pictures and objects of their beloved brother or sister for years to come. The box can be designed by the bereaved siblings themselves to reflect the likes and character of their brother or sister, or in some cases by the sick children themselves. As difficult as it may sound sometimes older children with long terminal diagnoses take on an active role in the planning aspects of their memorial services or may do special things to say goodbye to their family members.

The Harvey Hext Trust was recently officially registered as a charity so it will start to commission memory boxes. Each box will cost $200 and will also contain Harvey bear, a stuffed bear with a secret pouch where bereaved children can keep some of the ashes of their brother and sister or other special items. Children’s Hospice Southwest has already showed interest in acquiring memory boxes for their families and estimated that they would need 60 per year. This charity goes on to fill a void in the support system already in place for families who lose small children, putting emphasis on the care and support of the siblings left behind. To learn more about the Harvey Hext Trust: a Siblings’ Wish and how you can help click here.

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