ASW and CACCC: Helping Families Cope

Chelsea Angels Children’s Cancer Charity shared this moving testimonial on Facebook yesterday.

Here is the link to the FaceBook post.

Spencer’s Mum Sarah Hext who is the founder of  A Siblings Wish  then shared this touching photo of Spencer playing with his new friend.

The Chelsea’s Angels Children Cancer Charity was founded by the parents of Chelsea Knighton who passed away on August 9 2009 of neuroblastoma at the age of 3. Before passing Chelsea asked her parents if they could help poorly children like her. The idea behind the charity is to help families of children with neuroblastoma or other rare childhood cancers two ways 1) by providing much needed recreational activities for the poorly child and/or their family in the form of day trips, holidays or gifts and 2) by helping with medical cost of equipment or medications.

We at OneDirectionNDA are currently fundraising for Solving Kids Cancer in memory of Harvey Hext, who also passed away last year of neuroblastoma. Here is the link to our fundraising page on Just Giving.

🎗Certain types of cancer, like neuroblastoma, occur either mostly or only in young children. These types of cancer require specific treatments. For this reason funds need to be directed specifically to research and treatment of childhood cancers. Often funds are used in clinical trials that represent the last hope for many of these young children. Louis has always been passionate about helping kids and several of the ones he has helped through the years have cancer. Louis is the inspiration behind our fundraising work. We are fundraising for Solving Kids Cancer in memory of Harvey Hext, who was one of the children Louis had become friends with, in recent years. Harvey, passed away from neuroblastoma last year. Any amount you donate and we raise goes towards making the life of one of these children a little better. 🎗

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