Liam Payne Signs Record Deal with Capitol Records UK

July 21, 2016: image Liam Payne has confirmed through social media to his 20 million+ followers that he has signed a major solo record contract with Capitol Records. Liam, (currently on hiatus with One Direction), expressed how much he looks forward to working with Capitol Records UK and having them release his first solo album.

imageLiam’s new Capitol Records UK deal with  the Universal label, puts him in some very fine company, as Capitol Records have represented music icons for many years; the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, the Beach Boys and today’s  world famous artists like Katy Perry, Sam Smith, Bastille, and now, Liam Payne!

Liam in his released statement,  “I’m really happy to have signed to such a prestigious label as Capitol Records UK. Capital Records has an amazing history stretching right back before even Frank Sinatra and I’m really looking forward to becoming part of their story. I’m excited to show what I can do as a solo artist.”

Capitol Records UK president, Nick Rafael, spoke for the record company, expressing their delight in having the good fortune to work with Liam. “Capital Records are incredibly excited to be working with Liam. It’s not often you get the chance to sign such a talented and ambitious 22 year old who has already conquered the world.” Universal Music SWE also took a moment to tweet Liam a welcome to the Universal family:


Liam’s solo project announcement does not come as a surprise. One Direction has discussed it several times in various interviews, such as the one Liam had in September of 2015. He was asked about his solo music projects by Attitude Magazine. He stated that the hiatus was the perfect time to start branching out and exploring opportunities to do some solo and possibly some collaborative work with other artists writing and recording his music.

His response to questions about his songwriting and songs he likes to write, he said,    “I started out writing rap songs, I’ve even written country songs. I want to target every part of the music industry. Whether it’s singing, song writing, rapping, producing…I just want to make great music that people want to listen to.”

Liam took this incredible opportunity to accomplish that dream by signing with Capitol Records UK as well as by assembling a brand new management team to represent him with Murray Chalmers . The Chalmers PR firm (MCPR) has a prestigious reputation, working with a long list of very successful clients such as Coldplay, Elton John, Lily Allen, and Muse. MCPR posted their first tweets announcing Liam’s new record deal with Capitol UK (below).


Liam’s new website supporting his music has been added to his Twitter information header and will provide fans a way to access information about his music.

Liam also posted this sentiment on his Twitter, assuring fans of his continued bond with One Direction and their work, while taking the opportunity to create some of his own music.


You can keep up with Liam Payne’s solo projects through his social media accounts:

Liam’s Official web link:
Capitol Record Company web link: Capitol Records UK
twitter: @Real_Liam_Payne
Instagram: fakeliampayne
PR Management Team: Murray Chalmers Firm

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