Bluebell Wood

Bluebell Wood is a hospice located in North Anston, Sheffield that cares for children and young adults suffering from life threatening and life shortening conditions. The hospice is surrounded by six and and a half acres of land and has 8 rooms for the children and accomodations for their families. There are also common areas such as a lounge room to watch tv and relax, a play room and a movie theater. In addition to caring for children in the hospice Bluebell Wood provides services in the homes of around 250 families. The services provided by Bluebell Wood as well as the stay in the hospice are completely free for these families. Bluebell Wood employs a Care Team of about 110 people to provide its service.


The idea behind Bluebell Wood is to provide support and a comfortable environment away from the hospital for children that are often hospitalized or that need daily medical treatments. The idea was developed after the passing in 1998 of 11 years old Richard Cooper. Richard suffered from a degenerative condition and towards the end of his life of cancer as well, and required constant care. It was a wish of his family to find an alternative to the hospital during his illness. After gathering support from the community and after much fundraising, Bluebell Wood opened its doors in 2008.

It costs about £4 million per year to run Bluebell Wood. About 10% of this comes from government funding and the rest from the profits generated from the 10 shops that BlueBell Wood has and from donations. In this regard Bluebell Wood fortunately can count on the support of its patrons who help bring awareness to the hospice and who organize fundraising events for Bluebell Wood. Bluebell Wood patrons are Louis Tomlinson, Ed Sheeran, Howard Webb (international referee) and Sarah Stevenson (taekwondo champion).

Louis has raised a lot of needed funds for Bluebell Wood in recent years through charity football matches at Doncaster Rover FC. Despite becoming an international celebrity, Louis has always said that he has never forgotten where he comes from.

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