Flashback: Louis helps a couple stranded in Vietnam

March 9, 2016: Louis Tomlinson comes to aid a couple stranded in Vietnam after a horrific motorbike accident by donating an undisclosed amount of money to help fly the couple back to the UK.

Rhys Sykes 24 and Sarah Liddle 23 of Doncaster were traveling earlier this year in Asia and Australasia and rented a motorbike in Vietnam. They were traveling on a narrow street when a coach approached them in the opposite direction. They moved over to the side to allow the vehicle to pass them by, when another motorbike appeared from behind the coach and hit them full speed. The couple was ejected from the motorbike onto the grass and suffered numerous injuries including a broken foot and fingers for Rhys and multiple fractures in one of her legs for Sarah. Sarah was operated on immediately in Vietnam but it became quickly apparent that she needed further medical care, which the couple wanted to pursue back in the UK. Due to her conditions, Sarah required special arrangements for flying which are costly.


Sarah’s family thus made an appeal on Facebook and set up a crowd-funding page to raise the sum of £15,000 to evacuate the couple back to the UK. Louis heard about their story and asked his mom Jay Deakin to contact Sarah’s family to express his wish to help them. Louis donated a sizable but undisclosed amount of money to the couple’s fund allowing them to return to the UK for further medical treatment. Once in the UK both Sarah and Rhys underwent other operations, but were able to recover in their home country, thanks to Louis’ generosity.

Sarah’s aunt Julie Liddle told Doncaster Freepress:

‘Louis heard about our appeal to get Rhys and Sarah home and his mum got in touch saying how upset he was to hear about what had happened and how he would like to help. He gave a very sizeable donation to the fund and we would like to say a very big thank you to Louis and his family for being so kind.’

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