Flashback: Greg Horan Supports Caudwell Children’s Charity

December 5, 2015: imageGreg Horan, older brother to Niall Horan, has been a long time advocate for charities that support families dealing with the challenges of autism and for those with seriously ill children. Indeed, the entire Horan family have all given time to help charities of autism (see our July 2016 article about The Horan’s participation in “the Darkness To Light” fundraiser held each year supporting an autistic charity, The Pieta House). So when the Caudwell Children’s Charity began putting the word out about their charity drive, Greg jumped on board to help get their message out; helping to generate interest in the fundraising event by tweeting it to his million+ followers on Twitter. Below is Greg’s Twitter exchange with his friend, entrepreneur and philanthropist John Caudwell, founder of Caudwell Children Charity . Greg is congratulating John upon the completion of their successful 400 mile Charity Cycle Ride along the Florida coastline.




The Caudwell event involved 15 fundraisers pedaling an impressive 400 miles in 5 days; beginning in Key West and continuing on at a pace of nearly 80 miles a day to Orlando! As the fundraisers finished their bike journey, they were greeted by the group of 25 seriously ill children and family members who had been given the trip to Florida by the Caudwell Children’s ‘Destination Dreams’ project. The project (begun  in 2000 now in the 16th year) gives families of seriously ill children the opportunity to step away from the seriousness of their usual daily lives, to make happy memories together at Disney World.

Shared below (credit to their CaudwellChildren.com site) gives a quick look at the work they do and accomplishments thus far:


The video link below (from Caudwell Children ) shares some of the  ways that Caudwell Children Charity is touching lives of children with serious illness each day:



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