🌟Fairy Meg’s turn for magic🌟

Megan Bhari was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2011 when she was only 16 years old. She endured over 20 operations and several rounds of chemotherapy. Being so poorly inspired Megan to create, with her mom Jean, a charity with the goal of giving seriously ill children magical memories that would make their illnesses more bearable. The charity they created was named Believe in Magic. Read our article about Believe in Magic here.

One of the first people to notice Meg’s charitable work giving joy to seriously ill children was Anne Twist, mum of Harry Styles. On Twitter Anne RTed Meg’s tweets about the charity and helped raise awareness. Anne has been very supportive of Believe in Magic from the start and even accepted the challenge to hike the Kilimanjaro to raise funds for Meg’s charity.

As Anne began publicly supporting Believe in Magic, One Direction became involved with the charity as well. The first sign of their involvement and support of the charity was when they each wore the charity wristbands at the BBC Teen Awards in 2011. Harry kept the wristband on for over 4 months helping to raise a great deal of awareness about the charity. Later, Jay Deakin, mom of Louis Tomlinson, also became involved with the charity. Last year she helped organize the Believe in Magic Cinderella Ball, a very special night for seriously ill children. Chloe Balloqui and Harvey Hext were in attendance along with other children. Louis and Liam were at the Ball as well and helped create wonderful memories for these children and their families. The event raised millions of pounds to help the charity continue to spread the magic. To date the charity has helped hundreds of children fulfill their dreams and experience magical moments that have helped them live through the most difficult times.

In 2015 Meg received from the Prime Minister David Cameron the Point of Light award, which recognizes outstanding individual volunteers who make a real difference in their community. David Cameron said of Meg “Meg has shown such extraordinary courage to put aside her own illness and focus on granting the dreams of others. She has created a very special legacy in bringing a moment of magic to brighten the lives of scores of seriously and terminally ill children.


Now, Meg’s health has seriously deteriorated. Due to her treatment options being limited in the UK, Meg traveled with her mom Jean to the USA to seek treatments available to her there. They traveled by ship because the pressure of the tumor in her brain makes flying challenging. Unfortunately, Meg has not been responding to treatment and has come very close to losing her life more than once over the last few weeks. With Meg’s health deteriorating daily, her family needs to take her home to the UK. The cost of this travel back home would add up to the cost of the travel to the USA and the treatments that she has undergone so far. So, Meg’s family is in need of financial help. A gofundme page has been set up with an appeal to help Meg’s family. Please give if you can; no donation is too small. It is Meg’s turn for magic!


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