Anne Twist Supports Care2Save Charitable Trust

September 4, 2016: imageMrs. Anne Twist, mum to Harry Styles, is well known for giving her support to many charities and causes; most of which involve helping the critically ill such asĀ Believe In MagicĀ (Anne’s Mt. Killaminjaro trek for BIM can be foundĀ here)Ā and Ā theĀ McMillan Cancer SupportĀ (Anne’s charitable work with McMillan can be foundĀ here). Ā So, when the Bentley Motor Co. launched a fundraising initiative to give support to Care2Save Charitable Trust, it was very helpful that Anne gave her support to the cause.

The Care2Save Charitable TrustĀ generates donations for many charitable causes, especially to support palliative andĀ hospice care, and is designed in a very unique way. Consumers purchasing products or services online can register and use the Care2Save website to place their order. As a result of the purchase through their website, a commission is rewarded to Care2Save. Care2Save allows 80% of the commission toĀ be designated to whichever charity among the listedĀ on the site the costumer wishes. While the remaining 20% goes intoĀ the Care2Save Trust for grants given to develop and support palliative and hospice care locally and nationally throughout the UK.


What sets Care2Save apart from similar online shopping websites is that Care2Save is a UK registered charity and, while most businesses give 50% commission to websites to donation the businesses often keep the remainder as additional means of profit. However, given that theĀ Care2Save Charitable Trust is an officially registered charity, it receives a larger portion of commission which must be donated to non profit charitable causes.

There are other ways that Care2Save Charitable Trust is supported. Various corporations (such as Bentley Motors in this instance) sponsor the charity encouraging individual donations to be made through prize drawings and giveaways. The Bentley Motors Corp. has been offering a chance to win a prize Bentley giveaway to those who donateĀ to Care2Save. Anne Twist supported the fundraiser through her social media accounts by spotlighting the charity and the Bentley Motors hashtag #BentleyByMe. The drawing for the Bentley prize winner will be on September 30th!







Hospice care for those nearing the end of their life is much needed.Ā Palliative care involves much more than relieving pain for those nearing the end of their life. It also includes, psychosocial and emotional support for those with advanced stages of illnesses and for their families.

About one third of those needing palliative care are suffering from late stages of cancer. And everyĀ year more than 20 million patients are estimated to need palliative care at the end of their life. A percentage of these will be children, which indicates that much emotional support will be needed for the parents, siblings and caregivers. Strides have been made to help those needing palliative care, however,Ā over 80% still need help especially in countries with low to mid level income peopleĀ (these statistical facts are credited to and sharedĀ from Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance).

If you shopĀ online and live in the UK, please consider registering with the Care2Save website.


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