Flashback: One Direction spends time with cancer stricken girl 🎗

October 16, 2015    One Direction has a long history of donating their time to seriously ill children. They often meet these children through charities such as Rays of Sunshine or Believe in Magic  which they support. But sometimes they meet them individually at venues or even in their homes.

While in Dublin, where they performed for 3 nights as part of their OTRA tour, One Direction met Lucy O’Connor, a 9 years old girl with B-cell lymphoma. Lucy was diagnosed with lymphoma in September of 2014. One Direction, on their first night in Dublin, surprised Lucy with a personal meeting with them. The night kicked off with Lucy beking picked up by a limo and being taken to the venue where she met Liam, Niall, Harry and Louis and she took pictures with them.

Her mom Angela O’Connor later tweeted to thank One Direction and said  “24 hours ago, Lucy had no idea what was about to happen.” She added  “Wow, what a magical day yesterday for Lucy, from start to finish, thank you for all of your support.”


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