Harry for AnOther Man

September 29th 2016: Harry is featured in the autumn/winter issue of AnOther Man magazine with pictures, interviews and an article written by his sister Gemma. In one magazine number we get to see more of Harry than ever before and we discover (not surprisingly) that Harry has many more facets to him than we were ever allowed to see before.


AnOther Man magazine is self-defined as “a thought-provoking blend of high fashion, art and culture”. Its creative director is Alister Mackie, who founded the magazine in 2005. Harry contacted Alister Mackie months ago expressing his desire to do something with him. Upon meeting Harry Mackie quickly realized that the whole issue should be about Harry to properly feature his personality.

To anybody going through the images of Harry on the magazine two things become quite apparent, the honesty and the vulnerability transpiring from them. Probably, at least in part, this is the result of the choice of the location for much of the photo shoot: Cheshire, the county in northwest England where Harry grew up.

Harry, Mackie and the AnOther Man photographer Alasdair McLellan traveled to Cheshire visiting Harry’s old school, the pub where he used to live and the bakery where he used to work. The pictures taken in these locations speak of Harry’s familiarity and love for these places. Interestingly, the inspiration for several of these pictures is the other music legend Mick Jagger, whom Harry has been often compared to.

harry-styles-another-man-2016-09-26_l2nkehzwagjpbepsblowegjfd0dyeefuc0r2cz0vmjh4njc6nzg5edeymdgvnjqwedavzmlsdgvyczp3yxrlcm1hcmsomjbjztk4nzktnje5ny00mjg2lwjizjgtmtcxoduzymqzzgvlldm5mcw3odismtaplznhmtgxOther two parts of the photo shoot were with photographers Ryan McGinley and Willy Vanderperre. Vanderperre photographed Harry with long hair and wearing bold printed suits, whereas McGinley chose to photograph Harry with the short hair of the filming of Dunkirk and wearing bohemian/arty clothes.

In addition to pictures of Harry, the magazine contains pictures of objects special to him, including a book of his own lyrics and poems, a Rumi book of poetry and a mix tape with his top 10 most played songs.

There are also 2 interviews: one with music legend Paul McCartney and one with American talk show queen and Harry’s friend Chelsea Handler. The interview with Paul McCartney is focused on the transition from being in a band to solo work. Harry asks Paul what was that it worked for him in that transition when the Beatles split up and Paul moved on to a solo career. Paul’s advice to Harry is perhaps the obvious but nevertheless thoughtful and truthful one to just be himself.

The interview with Chelsea is deceivably more light-hearted and it focuses on his experience as an actor for the movie Dunkirk and on stage as a member of One Direction, his love for Los Angeles and his spirituality. The topics of conversation with Chelsea are diverse but the general impression that the reader gets is that Harry is a smart soulful man who has given some significant thought to life’s important questions.


The piece written by Harry’s sister Gemma is a dive into Harry’s childhood and core character. Gemma writes with love to describe Harry as charming, loud and boisterous with a passion for fashion and music since his early childhood. Gemma writes that Harry used to work odd jobs to be able to afford fashionable trousers. There is also a description of Harry’s days as a X-factor competitor and the family’s surprise to see him progress through the competition. Despite their desire to see him succeed, Gemma speaks of the family not expecting to see him leave the home so soon. With her writing, Gemma adds another, more intimate, layer to the multilayered character that emerges from the pages of AnOther Man.

While it is certain that Harry is much more than what we see in this magazine’s spread, he comes off the pages of AnOther Man as a complex, deep, smart and aware man that we suspected all along to be and that we all want to see more of in the future.


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