Greg Horan shares app designed for protecting kids online

October 6, 2016:image In a digital age where children and teens are exposed to a wide variety of social media when playing app games, completing school work, and socializing with their friends, the internet use can be difficult to navigate for a parent trying to keep their kids knowledgable and safe while online. It has become increasingly more challenging to find that right app or program that can be trusted to have the customers’ best interests at the fore front especially when it involves children and to be user-friendly at the same time.

Niall Horan’s brother, Greg, tweeted his support about this new app called “Supotco” to his million+ twitter followers, getting the word out about an app with several different support elements geared to help parents keep their kids safe online.


The idea for the app and the motivation to develop it came when entrepreneur Alex Mitchell’s own child was approaching the age of interest in social media and games on the Internet. Alex noticed, as did others, that there just didn’t seem to be anything that parents could use easily to monitor how and whom their children were interacting with. While there seemed to be several different programs parents could use to monitor some activity their child might be exposed to, there didn’t seem to be an app that was one cohesive package containing all the features he thought were needed for adaquate protection while being simple to use.

Alex stated on the Supotco website :

“…there isn’t anything at all out there at the moment which is like this. There are apps which have some of the features we have, but nothing which brings them all together.”


It’s designed to allow parents the ability to monitor and remotely manage access to apps, what times of day and duration of screentime is open to their kids, website ,screen calls and who is in contact with their child.  It also has an added feature with a GPS locator so parents know where their kids are located at all times, when they have their phone on them.


In a time when cyberbullying and online stalking are a real concern, the ability to stay on top of any type of inappropriate behavior a child or teen is exposed to is paramount to a parent. You can check out the new app Supotco  (which is giving people a free trial right now on the site, to see all about how it works) This may be a real answer towards parents helping their children stay safe online. It helps when concerned parents, like Greg Horan, are spreading the word to help others keep their children safe.


Greg Horan with his son, Theo. Photo credit: molloyphotgraphy


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