Louis Tomlinson presents 12 year old Dylan Graves with #prideofbritain award for bravery

Louis Tomlinson presents 12 year old Dylan Graves with #prideofbritain award for bravery

October 31st, 2016:  12 year old Dylan Graves of Bradford was awarded the Child/Teenager of Courage Award at the Pride of Britain Awards tonight for his bravery and selfless act in saving the life of his best friend, James Yeadon. The Pride of Britain Awards honors the achievements of the citizens in the UK having a positive impact in the world through their actions.

His courageous story took place in January of this year, when Dylan and his friend  were walking together near their homes when suddenly Dylan noticed a runaway car headed straight for his friend. Dylan’s quick thinking kept his friend from harm by shoving James out of the way of the incoming driver-less vehicle but unfortunately he didn’t have enough time to get himself out of the way. Dylan was hit and pinned underneath the car, next to a wooden fence near his home. His friend, James was able to run for help and brought Dylan’s mum quickly to the scene. Firemen and Emergency Services were able to get Dylan to the hospital where it was determined that Dylan had suffered several broken bones in his spine, a crushed pelvis and bruised lung.

Dylan was secretly nominated for the award by his friend James’ mum, Rachael Hunter. According to the Yorkshire Post the judges for the event voted unanimously for the 12 year old to be the recipient of the honor after reading the story of his bravery in Rachael’s nomination letter. She stated, “Dylan is my son’s guardian angel. Words can’t describe how grateful I am!”

I would do it again,” explained Dylan, “the car was going quite fast and I had only 2 seconds to react! I didn’t have time to think, I just pushed James out of the way. He’s a lot smaller than me. If it had hit him, it would have killed him.”

Dylan has been invited, along with the other award recipients to have a special lunch on Nov. 2 with Prime Minister, Theresa May, where she will give her own personal congratulations to the Pride of Britain winners.

Louis Tomlinson had the honor to present Dylan with the Pride of Britain award for bravery. Louis said to Dylan “What you’ve done is a miracle. It’s incredible!” 

(photo credits: Daily Mail, Mirror, Yorkshire Post)

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