Rhea Kara wins young fundraiser of the year award at #prideofbritain

Rhea Kara wins young fundraiser of the year award at #prideofbritain

October 31st, 2016–  Rhea Kara was awarded tonight the young fundraiser award at the Pride of Britain, an event honoring the achievements of individuals in the UK who make a real positive difference in the world.


Rhea is only 10 years old but has already raised thousands of pounds for scientific research aimed at finding a treatment for Rett syndrome. Rett syndrome is a debilitating neurological disorder affecting only girls which leads to the progressive loss of the use of the voluntary muscles and the inability to communicate. Rhea was inspired to try to make a difference for girls with Rett syndrome by becoming friends with Hanna who has this disorder. Rhea decided she was going to paint 100 paintings in 100 days and sell them to raise funds. She has been undertaking this challenge since 2014 and has already raised over 13,000 pounds. She states she will not stop until a cure for Rett syndrome is found.

In 2015, Rhea received the Point of Light award given to individuals who make a significant positive impact in their community. Believe in Magic founder Meg Bhari received the same award in 2015 as well.  Here is what prime minister David Cameron said about Rhea:
‘Like many young people, Rhea was incredibly moved when she saw a friend suffering from a debilitating illness. But what makes Rhea stand out is that she was motivated to use her creativity and hard work to try and make a difference. To have raised so much money to support vital research for her friend Hannah and others with Rett syndrome is fantastic. And to have done so before she’s even turned ten, is truly astounding. I wish Rhea all the best in her new fundraising challenge. She is an inspiration to us all and I am so pleased to make her a Point of Light.”


Tonight, some of Rhea’s paintings, including one featuring an anchor, one a pink flamingo, and another a beach house, were auctioned off at the Pride of Britain award. Simon Cowell bid 10,000 pounds on one of the paintings. Louis Tomlinson bid 15,000 on another one which Simon Cowel matched. All the funds raised through the selling of these painting will be going to ReverseRett, a foundation which supports scientific research to find a cure for Rett Syndrome.

Visit Rhea website to support her 100 days challenge and buy her paintings.


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