Flashback: Geoff and Karen Payne attend plaque unveiling ceremony honoring Liam

Flashback: April 16, 2016: image¬† Geoff and Karen Payne represented their son Liam at the¬†Wolverhampton Sons & Daughters Award plaque unveiling ceremony,¬†as he, along with others from their city, were honored with a plaque. ¬†The plaque was being placed on the Gateway Building at the University of Wolverhampton and all recipients from the three rounds of award honorees were invited to attend. In Liam’s absence, due to conflicting career obligations, his parents proudly represented him in his achievement. The ¬†University of Wolverhampton is one of the supporters of this prestigious award.

(pictured below pointing out the plaque is¬†Sir Geoff Hampton, Lisa Webb GM, and Hugh Porter MBE, courtesy of Express&Star.) (photo of Mr. and¬†Mrs. Payne with Liam’s award courtesy of LiveJournal)

The bronze scroll plaque, made by sculptor Ron Dutton, contained the names of all Sons&Daughters winners years 2011,2013,&2016 and was officially unveiled by Wolverhampton council Mayor Ian Brookfield that afternoon. Among those attending the ceremony along with Mr. and Mrs. Payne were Sir Geoff Hampton, Slade guitarist Dave Hill, cyclists Andy Tennant and Hugh Porter, gymnast Kristian Thomas, and Ann Crawshaw, daughter of Wolves’ Bert Williams.

Earlier in the year, it was announced (our article here ) that Liam was receiving the Sons & Daughters award as an accomplished citizen who, by his world wide contributions and achievements through music as well as generous personal investments made to the betterment of his hometown. Liam has made a positive impact for the image of the city of Wolverhampton especially for the youth. Liam was a generous supporter of the £6 million project The Way Youth Zone for underprivileged youth and was instrumental in seeing the project through to completion.image

He was on tour with his band One Direction in Australia when he received the news of his award:

The Sons & Daughters award event was organized and made possible by the Wolverhampton business organization, Partners in Progress, with support from the University of Wolverhampton, the City of Wolverhampton Council and the Express & Star.

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