It’s anti-bullying week!

The third week of November in the UK is anti bullying week. This year it falls from November 14th to the 18th. Anti-bullying week is coordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA) which is a coalition of organizations and individuals working to end bullying. ABA is sponsored by SafeToNet and the Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation. The anti-bullying week is being delivered in partnership with Internet Matters. Anti-bullying week is a good opportunity to get involved in the fight against bullying by raising awareness in schools, collages and organizations. The Anti-Bullying Alliance designs posters and suggests activities to be carried out, and encourages wearing blue as a symbol for standing up against bullying.

This year the the theme of the anti-bullying week is Power For Good, with the following specific aims:

  1. Empower children and young adults to use their Power For Good, by helping them understand that they have the power to end bullying and to create a better world.
  2. Help parents and care givers to use their Power For Good in guiding children and young adults in working together to end bullying.
  3. Encourage teachers, schools and young workers to use their Power for Good by recognizing the impact they have on children lives, and by taking action to prevent bullying to create safe and inclusive environments for all.


What can you do to show your support for this campaign on social media?

  • On Monday 14th November, share our pledge to stop bullying on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, link here.
  • Add the hashtags #PowerForGood and #AntiBullyingWeek to your tweets.
  • Say thanks to someone who is using their Power For Good to end bullying.
  • Add a twibbon to your icon picture, link here.
  • Share a picture or a video of how you are using your Power For Good to end bullying. It could be as simple as a picture of you wearing an anti-bullying wristband.

You can find more resources and sample posts here and here.

The Anti Bullying Alliance is a non-profit. If you want donate to support their work to end bullying on and off line, visit this page. Follow them on Twitter @ABAonline.



We have been campaigning against cyberbullying and will be adding the hashtag #FandomsAgainstBullying to our tweets in addition to the tags #PowerForGood and #AntiBullyingWeek. Join us!


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