Flashback: Lottie Tomlinson Supports CyberSmile Foundation

Flashback: June 15, 2014 imageLottie Tomlinson helped the ambassadors of CyberSmile Foundation share their message of #POSITIVITY to encourage internet users to be positive online and help combat online bullying and abuse. Lottie, sister to Louis Tomlinson, has a position of a role model with followers on her social media sites having the ability to reach millions of fans with the #POSITIVITY initiative. Lottie’s involvement gives an invaluable impact.

The CyberSmile Foundation is an anti-bullying organization created in 2010 giving support to the increasing number of victims to cyberbullying. This statement from their website (credited to the CyberSmile link above) shares their vision and commitment to the cause in stopping online abuse:

With the world becoming increasingly digital, access to the internet is now widely considered to be a necessity rather than a conscious decision. Regardless of choice, our lives revolve around technology. We believe that everybody should have equal opportunities to embrace this technology and develop as an integral part of our new digital world without suffering abuse, harassment or intimidation. 

The CyberSmile Foundation, in their six years of online anti-bullying initiatives, has helped many young people cope with abuse and has empowered them in ways to move forward if faced with bullying online in the future. We have shared more about CyberSmile and how they help here and our own anti-bullying initiative recognized by CyberSmile Foundation on their website can be found here

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