Fandoms against bullying: Shawn Mendes spreads positivity via sticky notes🔆

Fandoms against bullying: Shawn Mendes spreads positivity via sticky notes

November 17, 2016: Shawn Mendes has a breakthrough song that is number 1 on pop radio and was touring with Taylor Swift over the summer. Still Shawn is 17 years old so he knows first hand what bullying and cyberbullying are.


When he was younger and still in school, Shawn says that he was often bullied because he was very tall and lanky. Now that he has become a well known face of pop music, he has started to experience cyberbullying. He has admitted that it finds harder to deal with cyberbullying than if someone were to say something to his face. In this case, he has said, he would be able to brush it off more easily.

I’ve seen it firsthand, I felt it. I’ve obviously felt the wrath of people over a computer because you don’t care. Over the computer you’re invincible. You can say whatever you want,” Mendes said about cyberbullying.

Shawn said that bullying and cyberbullying are damaging to someone self-esteem, to the point that in some cases they can bring the bullied even to self-harm. Shawn wanted to do something to help. So, to counteract the negativity brought about by bullying, Mendes has recruited the help of his fans to spread positivity by launching his #NotesFromShawn project, a collaboration with DoSomething, a Global Movement for Good enlisting over 5.4 million young people making positive change, both online and off.


The project is simple: Shawn asks that you write 5 sticky notes with messages such as “you are beautiful”, “you rock” or “you are awesome” and that you leave them on your way to school or the gym, so that they could brighten somebody’s day. In the first 2 weeks of the launching of this project over 37,000 people had signed up for it!   #NotesFromShawn are spreading online as well as people have been documenting with pictures on Twitter the posting of the sticky notes on school lockers, desks and walls.

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