Liam Payne supports the (Red) project to fight AIDS

Liam Payne supports the (Red) project to fight AIDS

November 22nd, 2016: Liam tweeted today his support for the Red project for an AIDS free world. The Red project was founded by Bono Vox, the lead singer of U2, and  Bobby Shriver, an American lawyer and activist who is part of the Kennedy family. The idea behind the Red project is simple: make supporting the fight against the HIV virus easier and more straightforward for the general public by designating 50% of the profit for the sale of red products to the AIDS intervention. Help is given especially to underprivileged countries such as Ghana,  Rwanda and Gambia and it is mostly in the form of medications and prevention strategies. The goal is to have an AIDS free world!

Red has now partnered up with Omaze to raise funds. Omaze is a web based service that makes giving to charities and causes fun and especially affortdable for everybody. Omaze was founded by Matt and Ryan, two college students, who one day went to a benefit that Magic Johnson was hosting for the Boys & Girls Club of America. These guys are huge Magic Johnson fans and they were hoping to be able to win the prize auctioned off: the chance to join Magic Johnson on the court for a Lakers game. Unfortunately, they quickly saw their dream disappear as the bids started rising and reaching $15,000.  This episode gave them the idea for Omaze, in which anybody can enter a chance to win a prize with a minimal donation of $10.


Prizes are usually special times with celebrities and sport personalities. In support of Red, Omaze has currently 9 prizes lined up. These include lunch and studio tour with Liam Payne, a night on the town with Neil Patrick Harris, tea with Julian Roberts and Bono, and others.

Liam offers:

  • Tour of his recording studio
  • A world-class meal at Nobu, one of Liam’s favorite restaurants
  • Exclusive autographed merchandise

The prize also includes a flight to Los Angeles and accommodation in a 4 star hotel.


In honor of Red’s 10th anniversary, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has offered to match the funds raised up to 78 million dollars.

The funds that are raised through the partnership between Red and Omaze will be specifically directed towards the distribution of a drug in underprivileged countries that prevents the transmission of the HIV virus from the mother to the fetus. Each day 400 children worldwide are born with the HIV virus, the goal of Red is to bring this number down to zero by 2020.


To enter the chance to spend a day with Liam Payne visit this page.

To donate to Red directly, go here.

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