Flashback: Louis Tomlinson publicly supports neuroblastoma charity Niamh’s Next Step

Flashback: Louis Tomlinson publicly supports neuroblastoma charity Niamh’s Next Step

By tweeting on October 11th 2015, to his 20+ million followers his support for Niahm’s Next Step, Louis Tomlinson gave a huge boost of visibility to this charity, helping to raise awareness and funding for neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is a very aggressive type of childhood cancer which takes the lives of more than 2000 children worldwide each year. Approximately 8 in a million children are diagnosed with neuroblastoma, which represent the most frequently diagnosed cancer in babies and the third most common cancer in children under the age of 15. Approximately 15% of the deaths by cancer in children are due to neuroblastoma.


Louis tweeted in support of Niahm’s Next Step after meeting Sam, Chris and Hannah Curry, the parents and sister of Niamh, a 5 years old girl who lost her battle to this disease in May of 2012. Niamh’s parents set up the charity, which raises awareness and funds to fight neuroblastoma, after losing their daughter. Sam and Chris who had participated with Niahm and Hannah to Believe in Magic events, had initially met Anne Twist, mom of Harry Styles, who then introduced them to Louis’ mom Johannah (Jay) Deakin. It was through Jay that the Curry were invited to the OTRA show in Birmingham where they met Louis.

It was Hannah’s 11th birthday and Jay sent her a message asking her if she wanted to go to the show. The Curry along with Hannah’s 10 years old friend Bronte Irvine, attended the show and also spent time backstage with Louis’ family as well as Louis himself. They also got to meet Harry and Niall. One Direction were all given the official charity wristbands. Niamh’s father said “We were talking about the charity and Louis said if there’s anything he can do, to let him know.”

The next day Louis tweeted “‪@NiamhsNextStep‬ thank you for supporting us last night, I hope I can return the favour :)”

As of today (12/7/2016) the tweet has been RTed 34.7 thousand times and liked 62.9 thousand times. In one day only the charity followers count went up 2000. Louis’ sisters also tweeted about the charity the night of the concert further helping to raise awareness.

Niamh’s father said:
“From an awareness point of view, Twitter has gone absolutely mad. It’s very special for us. To have the backing, to have that tweet, to have met them and know that they know about the charity is a huge boost for the charity.” He added “We have got some amazing people involved in the charity, but Louis takes it up to another level. That tweet has gone out to millions of people, it’s brilliant for us.”

For more information about Niamh’s Next Step, click here. Follow them on twitter: ‪@NiamhsNextStep‬


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