Liam Payne gives hundreds of gifts for poorly children at New Cross Hospital

Liam Payne gives hundreds of gifts for poorly children at New Cross Hospital

December 22, 2016: imageBeing generous to sickly children anytime of the year is nothing new for Liam Payne. Indeed, Liam has donated much of his time and money to many charities and causes in the past, such as  UNICEF UK and  Trekstock. Today, Liam has generously turned many poorly children’s holiday spent sick in the hospital, into a more joyful experience by sending hundreds of gifts to his hometown’s hospital of Wolverhamton, the New Cross, for Christmas.

The New Cross was built in 1900 as a workhouse and became a modern hospital in 1970. It is run by the Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust and it is located in the town of Wolverhampton. Liam was born in this hospital.

New Cross’s young patient, Mohammed, happened to be one of the first of the children to see the gifts arrive and is seen here with all the thoughtful gifts.

(Photo credit to Wolverhampton NHS Trust)

As Liam’s wrapped packages arrived, they were excitedly received by the children and the staff of New Cross. His message accompanying the gifts read:

“Wishing you all a speedy recovery and a Merry Christmas!  Love, Liam Payne”

The charity coordinator at Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust in charge of New Cross Hospital, Leanne Bood, explained that she recieved a call asking if it was okay to have gifts delivered to the hospital and she was delighted to help get it arranged. She shares,

“Of course I was delighted to and we set about arranging it. We just want to say a huge thank you to Liam for this wonderful gesture and also to everyone who has helped the charity this past year.”

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS, the New Cross Hospital and all their young patients have sent thanks to Liam and hope to thank him in person in the New Year!



More about the generous donation Liam has made can be found here

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