The Royal Wolverhampton NHS thanks Liam for his support

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS thanks Liam for his support

Janurary 12, 2017: imageChildren who spent the past holiday season sick at New Cross hospital in Wolverhampton were given gifts for Christmas donated from Liam Payne.  In our earlier article about Liam’s donation, the hospital’s charity coordinator at Wolverhampton NHS Trust, Leanne Bood, described how the surprise for the children got organized. The reaction from staff and children as the presents arrived, indicated that the surprise was a boost to what could have been, under normal circumstances, a difficult holiday.

Today, Liam (@LiamPayne) reposted a tweet sent to him from Wolverhampton NHS Trust thanking him for his support and the happiness he created through his donation.


This is not the first time that Liam has helped his hometown of Wolverhampton. Our earlier articles share Liam’s involvement in developing a Centre for disadvantaged youth for Wolverhampton, named The Way.

In 2013, Liam was honored with Wolverhampton’s prestigious Sons and Daughters Award by his hometown community, which you may read more about in our articles here and here

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