Niall joins Cancer Research UK to support unity for World Cancer Day

Niall joins Cancer Research UK to support unity for World Cancer Day


January 19, 2017: February 4th of each year is recognized as the International Day of Cancer Awareness. The purpose of the World Cancer Day is to help encourage cancer prevention, detection, and treatment by raising awareness and combating misinformation about the disease. This year, Niall Horan will be joining other celebrities supporting charity Cancer Research UK through a theme of unity for World Cancer Day. The Cancer Research UK is asking for a strong show of support by making a donation to their cancer charity through the purchase of a knotted wristband to wear as a lifesaving symbolic act of unity. The Unity Band (pictured below with Niall), is available on their website Cancer Research UK where they are being sold these next two weeks leading to World Cancer Day. imageThe proceeds from the sales will help to pioneer needed research for battling the many different types of cancers and to fund the scientists, doctors, and cutting edge technology to help bring an end to this disease.

The World Cancer Day was founded by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), as they helped to create the World Cancer Declaration in 2008. This Declaration helped bring the need for cancer research to the forefront of the World Health Organization for the upcoming Global Summit. The UICC has set as its primary goal to be an advocate for bringing awareness of the disease and the critical need to support cancer research worldwide. This goal is part of the Global Summit’s world health agenda and would significantly reduce illness and death caused by cancer.

Join Niall in making a stand of Unity for International World Cancer Day by making a donation and wearing a Unity wristband. The Cancer Research UK charity are also working with these supporters listed here:

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