Liam Payne and other celebrities raise millions for RED

Liam Payne and other celebrities raise millions for The Global Fund

January 22, 2017: On December 1, 2016 the World AIDS Day  marked its 28th year. Through that time, the event has been an annual reminder of what an impact the HIV and AIDS epidemic has had, effecting so many lives globally. imageAccording to statistics (from website), since the discovery of AIDS in 1981 the disease has claimed the lives of more than 35 million people; and more than 37 million people are living with HIV today. Although effective, affordable treatments exist now, HIV continues to spread from mother to infant due to the lack of its availability to crucial parts of the world teeming with the disease. Here a woman in Africa named Connie shares her experience with this: (credited to

Realizing that stories like Connie’s could have a happier ending for millions like her, activists Bobby Shriver (of Kennedy family) and Bono (frontman for U2) created a company called RED . It’s purpose is clear: to generate funds to provide medicine logistically to those in need so HIV/AIDS could be completely eradicated worldwide.

Each December 1st for World AIDS Day, RED launches a limited edition product sale throughout the holidays known as “SHOPATHON”, designating 100% of the generated proceeds to The Global Fund Organization or (GFO). This organization works with local officials of remote communities in need of medicine and educational programs about their disease.

Celebrity collaboration, such as the one Liam sponsored, is another creative way RED generates funds. With a donation of $10 (or more for additional chances to win) a donor buys a chance to win a special (RED) experience with the celebrity of their choice on the Omaze website. Here is a description of a special (RED) experience a donor will bid to win with Liam Payne:

Liam is offering you and a friend the chance to join him at a recording session in Malibu, CA. Afterwards you will be joining him for lunch at Nobu, one of his favorite restaurants in sunny Malibu, CA.

*For more information on Liam’s involvement with the (RED) project through Omaze, read our article Liam supports (RED) project to fight AIDS posted November 23, 2016.

With RED’s help, the Global Fund Organization can get affordable medicines and educational programs to remote communities of Africa in need.

A generous donation from Bill and Melinda Gates through The Gates Foundation matched dollar for dollar the donation amount RED raised, bringing the total amount given to the Global Fund Organization at $465 million dollars.This puts RED closer to achieving their goal of stopping the spread of AIDS from mother to child by year 2020. It also helps the UN World Health Summit goal of eradicating HIV/AIDS worldwide by 2030. The celebratory tweet about the millions raised was posted yesterday by RED’s CEO, Deborah Dugan.


Update: the winner  of the special (RED) experience with Liam Payne was announced today, his name is Jethro T. and he is from Cape Town, South Africa. Via the Omaze website participants could win the chance to have a special experience with a celebrity with a minimal donation of $10. Liam offered:

  • Tour of his recording studio
  • A world-class meal at Nobu, one of Liam’s favorite restaurants
  • Exclusive autographed merchandise

The prize also includes a flight to Los Angeles and accommodation in a 4 star hotel.

Congratulations Jethro! 

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