Anne Twist supports MacMillan in National Cervical Health Awareness

Anne Twist supports MacMillan during National Cervical Health Awareness month

January 28, 2017: Anne Twist has been an advocate for MacMillan Cancer Support charity volunteering her time to their cause for several years now. imageShe also supports the charity through posts on her social media accounts. Indeed, on January 7th she RTed one of their tweets on cervical cancer awareness month (see below). Being mum to Harry and Gemma Styles her social media accounts give her access to millions of people. Anne has used her access to her followers to bring awareness of critical issues like health and well-being or to stress how vital volunteer work is for charities and important causes. In this case being her followers mostly young girls in their teens and preteens, is of particular relevance for bringing awareness of cervical cancer risk factors and symptoms to the right audience.

You can read more of Anne’s involvement with MacMillan Cancer Support in our MacMillan Coffee Mornings fundraiser and MacMillan Summer Nights articles posted on September 29th and June 25th respectfully.

(photo credit above: shared from Mrs. Styles’s Instagram and tweet below from her Twitter)


Every January is declared National Cervical Health Awareness month where all women, especially young pubescent teens, are encouraged to get a health screening and vaccine. Each year, an estimated 500,000 women worldwide are diagnosed with cervical cancer. In women who are not vaccinated and not screened regularly, either due to a lack of information or inadequate health care, a diagnosis of cervical cancer can be a serious, even fatal, illness.

However, if detected early enough through regular screenings, this disease can be highly preventable and treatable thanks to improved screenings, ongoing cancer research, and newly developed vaccinations. If eligible for a vaccine, the papilloma virus(HPV)vaccine is very effective. Therefore, making women aware of what is available to them is a crucial part to preventing this disease.

To find out more about cervical health awareness visit The American Social Health Association (ASHA) and the National Cervical Cancer Coalition(NCCC).

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