Gemma Styles tweets in support of blood donations

Gemma Styles tweets in support of blood donations

January 31st, 2017: Yesterday Gemma Styles, freelance journalist and sister of Harry Styles, tweeted in support of blood donations. Gemma posted a selfie taken while giving blood tagging ‪@GiveBloodNHS ‬in her tweet.


Give Blood encourages blood donations from anybody who is suitable to give blood. The prerequisites can be met by a large part of the population and are as follows:

You need to be healthy
You need to weigh over 7 stone 12 lbs or 50kg
You need to be between 17 and 66 years old (or 70 if you have given blood before)

Women below 20 years old that don’t meet the minimum weight requirement, need to have their blood volume estimated first. Blood can be donated every 12 weeks for men and every 16 for women.


You can check your suitability to donate blood by contacting Give Blood if you are receiving treatment or taking medications, traveling abroad, have tattoos, are pregnant, have an illness, or received blood, blood products or organs.

Give Blood encourages donations to keep their stocks replenished, in particular emphasizing that some blood types are rare and specific to certain minorities. Indeed, Give Blood often directly contacts their donors with the rarest blood types to keep their supply at at sufficient level.

Blood supplies are essential for the treatment of several different conditions and are in many cases life savers. Blood can be either used as is in blood transfusions or separated in its components including red blood cells, platelets and plasma, that are then used separately for transfusions. Of the donated blood:

67% is used to treat medical conditions including anaemia, cancer and blood disorders
27% is used in surgery
6% is used to treat blood loss after childbirth

Importantly, blood transfusions are also given to terminally ill patients to allow them to maintain sufficient level of energy to enjoy the time they have remaining with their families.

For more information on how you can become a blood donor, visit the Give Blood website.

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