Anne Twist wears Unity band to support World Cancer Day 2017

                   Anne Twist wears Unity band to support World Cancer Day 2017


February 2, 2017: World Cancer Day is held every year on February 4 where people around the world unite with their support to accelerate progress being made in the fight against cancer. Anne Twist is shown below in an Instagram post playing her part  by wearing her Unity Band through Cancer Research UK.

The Cancer Research UK  has created a way for each man, woman, and child to show their support for all affected by cancer with this visible sign to others by wearing Unity bands acquired through their website . With this band purchase (or other donation) you can join others in their drive for making a reality of beating cancer sooner.

In fact, according to Cancer Reasearch UK, in the last 40 years supporter-funded research has helped double UK survival rates. Their plan is to raise funds helping hundreds of research projects and support the work of over 4,000 scientists and doctors across the UK, working directly with cancer research for cures each year.

Please join Anne Twist and many other supporters, including Niall Horan (read about Niall’s support in our 21.01.17 article) by donating for this World Cancer Day coming February 4th.

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