Fandoms against bullying: Kesha partners with Hack Harassment to help end cyberbullying

Fandoms against bullying: Kesha partners with Hack Harassment to help end cyberbullying

img_0345February 5th, 2017–  Kesha announced yesterday that she has partnered with Hack Harassment to help end online abuse and harassment to build a better online community.

In an official statement Kesha said “This issue is near and dear to my heart. No one, regardless of their identity, background or beliefs, should be subjected to harassment online.” In a video that has been released Kesha gives examples of the horrible things students post about each other online and concludes by expressing that “saying nothing, says everything“.

Hack Harassment was founded by Intel, Vox Media, and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation. It is a coalition of both organizations and individuals who share the common goal of building a better online community that is more inclusive and free of harassment and bullying. Hack Harassment intends to reach this goal by:

  • Raising awareness about online harassment and bullying and about the responsibility that we all have to speak out when we see these behaviors taking place.
  • Foster collaboration between individuals and organizations around the world to maximize their impact and their reach.
  • Develop and cultivate technological and educational solutions that can help reduce cyberbullying.

Hack Harassment believes that we are all part of the solution that will bring about a safer and better online community. By taking their pledge, we can all make the promise that we will do our part:


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